Why I wrote The Triad


Americans sense it. Something isn’t right.

Divisiveness and hostility in public debate. Politics manipulated by moneyed interests. Dysfunction and gridlock in Congress. Broken school systems. High incarceration rates. Decaying infrastructure. A widening gap between the social classes.  Growing national debt.

So why The Triad? I wrote The Triad to help Americans have the kinds of conversations that bring us together. It lays out visionary goals for a better America. Instead of pointing fingers of blame, it advocates personal ownership of these goals, expressed through practical steps. The book title refers to the civic virtues of service, learning, and community, which enable us to create enduring solutions.

The best political science books have documented the ill health of American democracy. Building on these works, The Triad focuses on what each and every American can do to bring about the cure.


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