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The best books on politics and American democracy sometimes come from authors who are not “experts.” The Triad is a case in point.  Brian Aull, the author, is an electrical engineer.

He uses personal reflections and stories to offer solutions to the problems facing American democracy: partisan gridlock, money in politics, and growing economic inequality.   He bridges the divide between liberals and conservatives with refreshing moral clarity.  He calls for three civic virtues: service, learning, and community building. Civic engagement based on these virtues helps to change the perverse incentives that lead to gridlock, media bias, and corruption.  He points a path to widely shared prosperity, universal quality education, progress on race in America, the reconciliation of science and religion, and American leadership for human rights and democratic values worldwide.

This new edition, updated in August, 2015, illustrates the three civic virtues with more real-world examples.  A citizen commission that redrew the electoral map in California.   “Dialogue circles” of ordinary residents in New Mexico organized to suggest ways of improving childhood education and development.   A group of citizens in a small Alabama town that worked to revitalize the downtown area.

The proceeds from the sale of The Triad will support the work of the National Center for Race Amity in Boston.


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What others have said about The Triad

OthersReading copy

“Movingly and impressively written”
Peter Levine, Associate Dean for Research
Tufts University Tisch College of Citizenship
Author of We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For

“A candid search for truth and mutual understanding, helping us have the kinds of conversations that heal rather than divide the nation.   Great to hear a voice from the heartland of the Midwest which counter balances the arrogance, impatience and biases of the “bi coastal elites.”
Badi Foster
Buffett Institute for Global Studies, Northwestern University

“A wonderful approach about how to live in a democracy, any democracy. Dispels many myths about free enterprise, while never stepping on individual rights. Calls for smaller government, but one that works closer with its citizens to achieve fairness.”
Terrence Metz, Founding Principal Partner, Morgan Madison & Company

“This book should be required reading to inspire middle and high school teachers and students in Humanities, History or Social Studies. The principles of developing a culture of learning and committing to building relationships of trust with all members of the community could quite possibly renew communities across America and the world.”
Fran S.

“Thought provoking and inspiring. His work advocates for a virtues driven society and champions the individual as a key player in bringing about an enlightened humankind. The book is well organized and derives support from our own history as well as pieces of his life which shed insight into what influenced the development of the philosophies he offers.

“A completely fresh approach to many of the political and economic problems that we so often complain about. Rather than simply looking for technical solutions, which most of us gravitate towards, the author makes the case that the real solutions lie in ourselves, and specifically, in the integrity of our characters as citizens. A truly unique book decorated with personal anecdotes which should be appealing to conservatives, liberals, and all those in between.”
Eamon A.

Finally a thoughtful and well organized treatise on how to make or democracy work better. With an open minded and constructive tone, this book should engage everyone to think about how we create the future.
Lara M.

“This book is both intellectual and practical about the problems facing humanity and proposes an elegant solution in the “three civic virtues of service, learning, and community”. Filled with personal stories, political insights, and clear accessible logic, it is a must read for the fair-minded person looking “common sense” and fresh perspectives.”
Linda M.

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